November 19, 2021 |

Saratoga Police have signed up with a technology company, Leads Online, which works with law enforcement to catch criminals who pawn stolen items.

The subscription service allows police agencies to access details about pawn shop transactions. The service can be useful in cracking new cases, as well cold ones.

Sergeant Tyler Christen informed Town Council of the move at Tuesday night’s regular meeting during reports from departments.

Pictured above: File photo of Saratoga Town Hall/Police Department. Photo by Cali O’Hare/Bigfoot 99.


The sergeant said Leads Online monitors pawn shops nationwide, not just in Wyoming.

Pawn shops are subject to dozens of federal and state regulations, as well as reporting requirements. Serial numbers and model types of pawned items are logged during a transaction. So are the identifications of sellers and buyers. The information is entered into a nationwide database which law enforcement can access. Leads Online bills itself as the largest electronic investigation system in the country. Sergeant Christen said the annual fee to subscribe to the service is $1,428.


Sgt. Christen said the fee would come from a portion of the police department budget that pays for subscription services like Leads Online. Councilwoman D’Ron Campbell made a motion to approve the purchase


Council approved unanimously. The move comes within a week after Bigfoot 99 learned from two separate sources about multiple home break-ins in town recently. Sources said items such as quantities of meat, computers, electronics, artwork and even a gun were allegedly stolen from homes. Sgt. Christen confirmed one incident, but said he could not comment because of an ongoing investigation.

It’s a reminder that consumers should keep records of high-priced items, including the model and serial numbers. Photographing the items can also help. Jewelry should be appraised and insured. It sounds laborious, but law enforcement says it is the best way to identify your items in the event that they are ever stolen.

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