February 16, 2023 |

The 307 GoFast on Ice racing competition was a big success, ensuring that it will come back next year. The second go round on Saratoga Lake Saturday event drew twice as many racers as the event’s debut in January.

One of the of the race organizers, Susan Smith, said more contestants showed up and participated this past weekend.

Photo by Matthew Copeland/Bigfoot 99.

The sport is new to the Platte Valley. Before January 14th, a motorsport event had never been held on the thick, hard ice of Saratoga Lake in winter. Tyler Roy, another race organizer, attributed last weekend’s increased turnout to more media coverage. He said more racers meant more fun.

Track quality was a concern during the first weekend’s races. Organizers were still figuring out how to prep the course. Roy said he received compliments about Saturday’s track conditions. Besides widening the corners and flooding the track to even out the ice, Roy wasn’t willing to reveal too many of his tricks of the trade.

Saturday’s races were divided into seven different classes. Eleven racers took part in the turbo, non-traction side-by-side class. Eliberio Inallado from Cheyenne came in first. Bike short screws had eight racers. First place was Steve Stump. Levi Porter repeated his January ATV race victory. Smith described some of the other events and winners.

North Platte Enduro Racer Scott Winslow took first place in the long screw bike race during January’s event. Winslow won again last Saturday. He said the increased number of racers made him work harder for victory.

The women’s race was cut short by a crash. Thankfully, no one was injured. Smith said the entire 307 GoFast team takes safety extremely seriously.

Smith thanked everyone who helped put on the 307 GoFast on Ice races. Both Smith and Roy said they are excited to expand the event next year.

Winslow said he liked the races in Saratoga. He enjoyed being able to race during the day, spend the afternoon in town, and return to his Casper home by evening. Winslow said he is definitely coming to next year’s event.

307 GoFast race organizers said they were thrilled by the turnout for both race days. Roy said he will work on other events during the spring and summer and come back next winter for the second running of the 307 GoFast on Ice.

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