January 4, 2023 |

Photo – Ice racing from last year’s event – Bigfoot99 file photo

Warmer than average temperatures have forced an ice racing event to be moved from Saratoga Lake to a different venue.

In February of last year, 307 GoFast hosted a two-day ice racing event on the frozen surface of Saratoga Lake. According to event organizers, the races were a success and plans were made to hold the second competition this month.

Above normal winter temperatures have prevented Saratoga Lake from freezing enough to safely race on. Organizers canceled the first race, which was scheduled to be held next Sunday, January 13th.

Waiting for the lake to freeze enough to race on will push the event farther into the year. 307 GoFast co-owner Tyler Roy said to avoid scheduling conflicts with the 2024 Ice Fishing Derby and the Saratoga Museum’s Frozen Fore golf tournament, event organizers have decided to find a different place to host the races.

Roy said he and the other 307 GoFast organizers are currently in talks with the Bureau of Land Management to use the Haines Reservoir, otherwise known as Car Body Lake, to host the event. Located roughly five miles southwest of Saratoga, Car Body Lake gets its name from the old car chassis used to create the berm on the lake’s north shore. Roy said he has been working with local rancher Kip Kerbs to ensure the reservoir is ready to race on should 307 GoFast receive BLM authorization this Friday.

Roy said Kip Kerbs owns the water rights for the Haines Ditch, which feeds Car Body Lake. The 307 GoFast organizer said after using the water for his ranch, Kerbs allowed the lake to fill up. Now that temperatures are consistently below freezing, Roy said Car Body Lake is nearly ready to race on.

Roy said last year’s 307 GoFast on Ice races at Saratoga Lake were a big success. The event organizer said the races were so well attended that all available parking spaceS were quickly taken up, forcing some spectators to park on County Road 205. Roy said after the races were over, he and the 307 GoFast team began searching for a better location for this year’s event.

Roy said in July, the 307 GoFast team began petitioning BLM to allow them to use Car Body Lake for this year’s race. Roy said he should know BLM’s decision by Friday. The event organizer said if the federal agency denies their application, the 307 GoFast team may move back to Saratoga Lake and have fewer races later in the year.

Last year’s racecourse featured an oval track carved into the surface of Saratoga Lake. With little preparation time, Roy said he doesn’t know what this year’s event will look like. If BLM approves their application, he would like to offer two different types of racecourses on Car Body Lake.

Roy said like last year, participants do not need to preregister for this year’s 307 GoFast on Ice races. The event organizer said racers should just show up to Car Body Lake on the day of the races and sign up for the appropriate class.

Roy said a specific date hasn’t been selected for this year’s races because he is still waiting for final approval from BLM. The event organizer said he’ll have more information about when the races will take place, and how much entry and spectator fees will be, after he meets with the federal agency this Friday.

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