September 13, 2023 |

Photo – WYDOT crews make repairs to sinkhole on 3rd Street in Rawlins – Courtesy WYDOT Facebook

WYDOT crews have temporarily fixed a sinkhole in Rawlins. Permanent repairs should be completed by the end of next summer.

Earlier this year, cracked water pipes caused a sinkhole to open beneath the east lane of 3rd Street in Rawlins. The damage was on the northern end of 3rd Street, by the  the old Outlaw Bowl. Wyoming Department of Transportation Public Relations Specialist Andrea Staley said last week, WYDOT crews tested the area around the sinkhole. Staley said workers need to ensure the road is safe to reopen to traffic until a permanent fix can occur.

Staley said WYDOT engineer Jake Lonn said underground erosion caused by the leaking pipes damaged the nearby retaining wall, as well. Staley said the barrier isn’t in immediate danger of collapsing, but WYDOT doesn’t plan to wait too long before making repairs.

Staley said workers were on site yesterday to smooth out the temporary road repair. The public relations specialist said WYDOT geology crews have come up with a plan for a permanent fix. Staley said the leaking pipes and road surface should be rectified by July of 2024.

Staley said WYDOT owns the road, but the pipes are owned by the City of Rawlins. She said the Department of Transportation is working closely with city officials to ensure the sinkhole doesn’t happen again.

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