September 29, 2022 |

The issue of trash hauling in Rawlins is heated as it ever was. A vote on contract between the town and one of the two licensed haulers in the city resulted in three council members recusing themselves from the vote.

One councilman Phil Garner left because he is related to the registered agent for Dirty Boyz Sanitation, Jeremiah Garner. Chris Weisenburg and Mayor Terry Weickum left the chamber because of social media chatter. Weisenberg apparently canceled his service with Dirty Boyz after comments were exchanged. The mayor’s decision was more complicated. Here was the exchange with City Attorney Gwendolyn Wade.

Pictured above: A March 2019 file photo of Dirty Boyz trash receptacles in Rawlins. Photo by Cali O’Hare/Bigfoot 99.

Vice Mayor Jacqueline Wells assumed control of the vote. On the agenda was approval of the award for municipal solid waste quotes. Wyoming Waste had submitted an annual bid of $13,426. A second quote, from Dirty Boyz Sanitation — a Rawlins-based company — was $18,768. Analysis from city staff concluded that Wyoming Waste was $445.20 cheaper per month.

Questions arose over what additional services Dirty Boyz would provide, such as free cardboard pickup, that would offset the costs by an amount of around $7,200. The city attorney said she was not provided with an itemized list to validate the claim that the additional services would offset the higher cost and bring the Dirty Boyz proposal in lower than the one provided by Wyoming Waste.

With no way to validate the claim at the meeting, four remaining members of the governing body voted unanimously to postpone the vote until more information can be gathered and reviewed.

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