Today’s Headlines:

  • In Saratoga, a complaint this week from a female resident about how the police department deals with crime victims who are women resulted in Police Chief Robert Bifano sharing with the town council a report on how his staff responded to such cases.
  • It’s no secret that funding is few and far between as county and city governments prepare their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • This weekend, the Upper North Platte Valley Solid Waste Disposal District is waiving extra trash fees to promote keeping the valley clean.
  • In a sometimes contentious conversation, Carbon County’s Buildings and Grounds Manager, Jim Piche, and a member of the Carbon County Fair Board, Jim Miller, discussed the possibility of moving the Buildings and Grounds office to the old week and pest building at the fairgrounds.
  • At UW’s annual spring rodeo, a handful of pokes and lady pokes used Laramie’s home field advantage to earn points to make the finals.


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