Photo: Cali OHare/Bigfoot 99.

Domestic violence suspect pleads not guilty

A man who was staying at the Saratoga Lake Campground in a recreational vehicle last month pleaded not guilty yesterday to attempted first degree murder.

The suspect in the domestic violence case also is facing an additional three felonies against the same victim. Emma Diercks has the reporting.



County Road 401/Sage Creek Road. Photo: Cali O’Hare/Bigfoot 99.

Two dead in rollover crash

Two Rawlins residents died in a single vehicle crash Friday afternoon that occurred along County Road 401, also known as the Sage Creek Road. Cali O’Hare reports.



Speed limits on Carbon County roads near industrial wind energy construction zones will be reduced to 35 mph during upcoming development projects. County commissioners unanimously approved the lower speed limit during last week’s regular meeting. Photo: Jim O’Reilly/Bigfoot 99.

Speed limits changes coming to county roads

The posted speed limit on county roads through wind farm construction areas will drop to 35 miles an hour.

Carbon County Commissioner last week approved Resolution Number 2019-19 after considering concerns about how drivers might react to the slower speed, especially in winter months when little work will occur.

The affected county roads are 262, 121, 270, 99, 97, 294, 2 East, 291, 605 and County Road 304.

With big trucks and other construction equipment using the roads to build out a major expansion of several turbine sites, officials hope the lower speed limit will reduce the potential for crashes on roads that could be congested at times.

Commissioner Sue Jones questioned whether a 35 mph speed limit is too low for the traffic on some of the affected roads.

In addition to local ranch traffic, outdoor recreationists use 291 and 270 to reach the Miracle Mile and Alcova Lake. Chairman John Johnson said he also had concerns about the 35 mph limit, but said a uniform speed through project areas will eliminate any confusion among drivers, both commercial and private.

Road and Bridge Superintendent Bill Nation said the process of adjusting the speed limit likely will be “evolutionary.” In other words, the speed limit will be raised once construction work ends in a project area or is suspended during winter months.

Commissioner John Espy encouraged the board to be flexible about eliminating the lower speed limit when construction was concluded so the motoring public would not be inconvenienced unnecessarily.

Commissioner Jones noted that the board had never reduced speed limits on county roads at such a large scale, and adjustments will be made if problems occur. The resolution passed unanimously.


CCSD2 allocating special needs funding

Carbon County School District Two decided last week to designate a .1 mill levy to an organization that houses students with special needs.

The organization requested .2 mills, but the district’s board wishes to use funds for its own students. Emma Diercks reports.



Sports: Outlaws take gold during team camp

The Rawlins Outlaw basketball team is coming off a big weekend as they competed in their last camp during the month of June. Joey Saverine has the story.
More Highlights:
  • Cowboy basketball starts summer workouts
  • Sacramento Kings owner Vlade Divac discusses Justin James


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