Today’s Headlines:

  • The ongoing conversation about school security continues at Carbon County School District #1 with the board scheduling a workshop to review standards and procedures for safety at its four campuses.
  • In Rawlins: Despite their promises, five months have gone by since city officials provided any details on what 50-thousand dollars in tax money paid to a retail recruitment company has actually bought. While the data has remained out of reach to local businesses, officials at Texas-based Buxton Analytics tell Bigfoot 99 that it’s up to the city to make the information it has collected available to the public.
  • With spring weather on the horizon, the Saratoga Department of Public Works is asking residents not to discharge storm or ground water into the town’s sewer system.
  • To promote wellness and community service, the Hanna Elementary School is hosting a Walk-a-Thon to raise money for its activities. The walk begins at 10:30 this morning.
  • Saratoga is hoping to field a big track team this year.


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