Today’s Headlines:

  • A permanent supervisor for the Medicine Bow and Routt National Forests has been named. Russ Bacon will take over the job next week, following the retirement of Dennis Jaeger from the US Forest Service this summer.
  • Some Saratoga residents, whose view of Elk Mountain is blocked by the newly built solid waste transfer station, have asked the landfill board to move it. The residents offered to pay for the relocation, officials say any move is unlikely.
  • The price of cigarettes may go up a dollar a pack next year as state lawmakers look for new ways to pay for government operations.
  • A Pennsylvania couple that was arrested in October for allegedly transporting 190 pounds of marijuana across the state appeared in Carbon County District Court on Monday morning to plead not guilty to the charges.
  • The Little Snake River football team’s goal of a state championship ended in a tough loss.


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