March 17, 2023 |

Photo – WHP Patrol Vehicle – Bigfoot99 file photo

Drugs were at the center of the manhunt in Elk Mountain Tuesday afternoon.

More details have emerged about the hot pursuit through town for three men after they drove their car into the town. The car was then abandoned after it was disabled by tire spikes laid out by Highway Patrol troopers.

The incident began with a traffic stop on Interstate 80. Sergeant Jeremy Beck with the Highway Patrol said while the trooper was talking with the driver alongside the interstate, a passenger and another occupant commandeered the vehicle and fled the scene.

Sgt. Beck said the suspects were able to avoid several spike strips during the pursuit. After leading police up and down I-80, reversing directions a few times, Sgt. Beck said the suspects headed into Elk Mountain.

Bad choice. Obviously, the men aren’t locals. Elk Mountain has few exits, especially after the hard winter we’ve experienced. Sgt. Beck said the suspects drove through town and onto a county road. Sgt. Beck said the driver turned around and, while heading back into town, ran over a spike strip, which disabled the getaway car.

After the vehicle came to a stop, the two suspects fled into the town. Helicopters were deployed, and the suspects were found after a 30-minute search. All three people, the driver and the two people in the car were taken into custody. Sgt. Beck said the suspects attempted to dispose of hundreds of pounds of pot during the pursuit.

During the pursuit, Elk Mountain residents were asked shelter at home behind lock doors. The school went under lockdown procedures. No one was injured during the chase and subsequent manhunt. Sgt. Beck said while pursuits are rare, they are a regrettable part of the job.

The identities of the men and where they are from had not been released at the time this story was written.

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