February 8, 2024 |

Photo – Snowy Range – Courtesy Discover Carbon County Wyoming

The Carbon County Visitors’ Council has unveiled its latest tourism roadmap to the future.

The organization also known as Discover Carbon County has completed its 2023 Tourism Master Plan. Chief Executive Officer Leslie Jefferson said the master plan sets the path her organization will follow to attract more visitors to Carbon County.

Darren Rudloff, of Rudloff Solutions, was hired to create the 2023 Tourism Master Plan. Jefferson said the process of creating the blueprint is broken into two phases. The visitors’ council CEO said phase one involved compiling existing studies from around the area.

Jefferson said another part of phase one was to conduct stakeholder interviews. Jefferson said Darren Rudloff interviewed a variety of industry, business, and community leaders.

Jefferson said Rudloff took all the information he collected during phase one and presented it to the Tourism Master Plan steering committee. The visitors’ council CEO said the steering committee used the information to direct Rudloff on how to proceed with the next step of the project.

Phase two is the actual development of the Tourism Master Plan. Jefferson said Rudloff came up with four common items, or opportunities, for Carbon County. Jefferson said the four strategic opportunities benefit both tourists and residents.

Each of the four strategic opportunities are further divided into several specific goals, such as supporting efforts to improve the local hospitality workforce and enhancing amenities at Seminoe State Park.

With the completed 2023 Tourism Master Plan, Carbon County Visitors’ Council will focus on promoting the various parks and museums throughout Carbon County.

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