Today’s Headlines:

  • A zoning hearing before the Carbon County Commissioners, on Tuesday, turned into a western show-down between a wind energy developer and a neighboring ranch. Little Medicine Bow Wind Energy is seeking a permit for an 18 turbine pilot project in the Shirley Basin. The are battling Q-Creek Ranch, which parked a flatbed trailer near its property line and is calling it a permanent residence to prevent the project from being built as planned.Rather than choose a side, the commissioners tabled the decision for now.
  • Plumes of black smoke on the east side of Rawlins gave some residents a scare. The smoke was coming from a controlled fire at a training exercise for Carbon County Fire Fighters.
  • The real life counterparts of the fictional game warden Joe Pickett were busy in Wyoming last year. According to a report just out from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, 85 state game wardens initiated nearly 4,300 law enforcement actions.
  • Former Wyoming Quarterback, Josh Allen, has received some high praise from the Buffalo Bills legend.


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