November 15, 2021 |

The Wyoming Republican Party officially censured Liz Cheney Saturday. The rebuke means the state party no longer regards the congresswoman a Republican.

The resolution was first passed by party officials in Carbon, Lincoln and Park Counties.

Cheney’s constant badgering of former President Donald Trump and his supporters has been costly. Her enthusiastic alignment with Congressional Democrats, over last year’s elections and their narrative about the events of January 6 has also put her at odds with the Republican base.

She was kicked out of her leadership position in the House earlier is year. Ignoring the will of the Wyoming voters who put her in office led to Saturday’s censure. The majority of her campaign funding comes from out of state. Being cast out of the party here may lead to more conjecture that Cheney will drop out of next year’s primary to avoid an embarrassing loss as she prepares for a possible presidential run in 2024. CNN’s Jack Tapper brought up the idea to an all-Democrat panel this weekend.

Pictured above: Liz Cheney. File photo.


Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who the Cheney family publicly supported over Donald Trump for president at the Wyoming Republican convention in 2016, discounted her presidential prospects this weekend. Cruz tweeted in response to the CNN segment Saturday that the only open lane for Cheney is in the Democrat primary or on a “bottom rated MSNBC show.”

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