September 5, 2023 |

Photo – Charging Electric Vehicle – Courtesy Bureau of Labor Statistics

Wyoming lawmakers laid back a bill that would increase a diesel fuel tax due to concerns over interstate commerce and whether the increase was substantial enough to generate sufficient revenue for the state.

During the first day of a two-day meeting in Casper, legislators on the Joint Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee also voted 13-1 to sponsor an electric vehicle tax bill, which would create a $200 annual fee for EV owners and a $100 annual fee for plug-in hybrid vehicle owners.

If approved by the full Wyoming Legislature during next year’s budget session, it would be one of the highest EV registration fees in the nation, as well as create one of the highest taxes on the kilowatt-per-hour electricity charge for electric vehicles.

The biggest concern behind the bill was requiring EV owners to pay for the road damage they cause. The battery-powered vehicles being pushed by the Biden Administration at the federal level are substantially heavier than their gas-powered counterparts. So-called eco-friendly vehicles cause more wear-and-tear to roads, some legislators argued creating a financial burden for states.

The bill was amended to include a four-cent tax per kilowatt hour charge — half a cent higher than what was originally proposed.

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