February 3, 2023 |

The Wyoming Senate Thursday joined other states in banning surgical and chemical procedures to reengineer the biological sex of adolescents. Senate File 111, which passed on third reading, classifies the trendy new medical practice in the country as “child abuse.”

The final vote of 22-9 approving the legislation was met with an angry disturbance in the gallery above the senators.


The Senate recessed briefly while capitol police spoke with protestor.

SF 111 bill criminalizes gender-reversing therapy on children under the age of 18, even if the parent consents. Opponents of, such as Cale Case of Lander, said the bill was an attack on freedom and the rights of families.


Nationally, some medical providers have been cashing in on what Sen. Charles Scott characterized as a “fad” when he introduced the bill to the committee of the whole earlier this week.

During yesterday’s floor debate, Scott said the practice of exploiting the fears and vulnerabilities of children is a matter of good versus evil because of the permanency of the changes, including genital removal or mutilation, that are pushed on kids by adults.


Sen. Rothfuss pushed back against the use of the term “evil,” saying placing a value judgement on the practice appears as an attack on what he called the LGBTQ community.

Sen. Troy McKeown of Campbell County said the legislation is about protecting children.


Sen. Anthony Bouchard, who in the run-up to yesterday’s vote has spoken in graphic terms about the medical procedures used on children, said medical providers pressure parents into making decisions that are based on profit not on the long-term welfare of the child.


The disturbances that led to the capitol police being called began during Bouchard’s remarks.

Having passed the Senate, SF 111 now goes to the House where more testimony from the public will be presented during committee hearings.

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