Radio goes everywhere with consumers, the home, the car, the office, the ball game, walking, jogging, or at the lake or in the mountains.

Radio is often the last medium consumers have contact with prior to making a purchase decision.

Radio is a local medium. Radio’s strength is drawn from community involvement, local topics and disseminating information to listeners. No other medium touches consumers like radio can.

Radio listeners are fiercely loyal to “their” radio station. Listeners identify with call letters, on-air personalities and radio station sponsored events by offering tremendous support of not only the station but also advertisers.

Bigfoot 99 covers all of Carbon County. Advertisers can target all of our listeners, a prime time show, or a weekend specialty show.

Bigfoot 99 Radio listeners tune in to be informed, educated and entertained. This seamless flow of news, information, sports and music makes commercials a part of the programming of Bigfoot 99 Radio.

Bigfoot 99 Radio gets people what they need. Local and national news, local weather, travel conditions, Wyoming Cowboy and local sports and business are included in the relationship our personalities have with our listeners. Bigfoot 99 Radio is a “one stop” radio station, giving people in Carbon County everything they could possible want in the world of information, news, sports and entertainment.

Commercial Airtime
Our sales team will work with you to deliver the most effective advertising campaign to tackle the specific requirements of your business.  With our planning systems and knowledge of the radio market, we can ensure that your message reaches the right people at the right time.

Sponsorship and Promotions
Another way to interact powerfully with our listeners is through our innovative sponsorship and promotions packages.  As radio is the most trusted medium, these opportunities allow you to get even closer to our listeners.  Shorter-term promotions can quickly build excitement and participation, while sponsorships allow you to build brand awareness over a period of time, via on-air activity, off-air events or online at

Website Advertising
Website advertisements are those which will be placed on this very  website in the form of either a text link or graphic link – depending on your preference and budget. Radio and the internet compliment each other, use our website in combination with radio ads for promotions, giveaways and other creative advertising ideas.

Want to learn more?

For rates, promotions, special packages and more, call us at 307 326 8642 or send us an email at

Contact Us:
Studios located at:
318 N. First Street
Saratoga, WY 82331
(307) 326-8642 Fax (307) 326-8340

Mailing address:
KTGA – Bigfoot99
P.O. Box 990
Saratoga, WY 82331

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