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The Saratoga and Rawlins wrestling teams finish the season ranked in the top 10 statewide.

The Saratoga boys wrestling team placed 10th out of 22 schools in 2A at the state tournament last weekend. The weekend before, at the regional finals, Coach Jared Mason said two of his boys earned all-conference honors. Coach Mason said four boys placed in the top 6th at the state finals.

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Coach Mason said he wanted to single out another boy who wrestled well at the state tournament, Allyster Ingraham. Coach Mason said the sophomore had a great season.



Even though the Saratoga high school boys wrestling team didn’t place as high as he would like, Coach Mason said he was still proud of the effort they put in. Saratoga’s wrestling coach said every member of the team is important.



Every year, Coach Mason has a new batch of freshmen to train. The coach said he is looking forward to some of the talented athletes moving up from middle school. Unfortunately, Coach Mason said some of his best wrestlers are aging out.



In Rawlins Outlaw sports, Dylan Sandstedt finished his first year as head coach with a 5th place finish in the state’s 3A division. Taking over from Nate Lee, Coach Sandstedt said he was proud of his team, especially when they won against his former hometown.



The Rawlins girls’ wrestling team was larger than in previous years. Coach Sandstedt said practicing against boys made Brinley Green unstoppable in the girls’ division.



Coach Sandstedt said six of his boys placed in the state tournament. By the end of the match two Rawlins boys, Zach Covolo and Sage Lonn, were first in their weight class.



Both coaches said they were eager to see what next season has in store.

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