April 9, 2024 |

Photo – Wyoming Cowboy Football practice – Courtesy gowyo.com

In Laramie, Wyoming football fans will see a big change this coming season.

The Cowboy football jerseys will bear the last name of the players. New Head Coach Jay Sawvel announced the change in Cowboy football last week to the team. He held up Nofoafia Tulafono’s bearing the #77.

The coach tricked the team by showing a dummy jersey first Then someone tossed this year’s version which had the last name printed on the back.

You can hear it in the voices of the players. The philosophical change, to print the player’s last name on the backside of the jersey, was motivating.

Former Head Coach Craigh Bohl stopped the practice during his tenure in Laramie as a way of developing teams spirit.

From the unmistakable sound of enthusiasm from the players, the change was much welcome. We’ll see if it translates with better play on the field.

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