March 14, 2023 |

Photo – Tactical Training – Courtesy Tac-One Consulting Website

Saratoga Police will train on active shooter response with Carbon County School District #2.

At last Tuesday’s town council meeting, Saratoga Police Chief Mike Morris told the council that Tac One Consulting is coming to town to conduct active shooter drills with students and school officials. Chief Morris said his department will have officers attending the training.

Chief Morris said the tactical consulting company is offering Carbon County law enforcement specific training while in town. He said Tac One consultants have firsthand experience with school shootings.

Chief Morris said good training doesn’t come cheap. A normal Tac One experience costs $350 per officer. He said the company’s owner has offered him a price break. Chief Morris asked the council to approve the expense.

Chief Morris said law enforcement officers receive active shooter and tactical training in the academy, but Tac One offers more intense coaching. The Saratoga Chief said Tac One has created a training regime based on last May’s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

The Uvalde response was a disaster. Over 200 law enforcement officers responded to the Robb Elementary School shooting, but it took over an hour before they entered the building.  Two adults and 19 children were killed in the massacre as police remained outside the building. Chief Morris said unlike the officers in Uvalde, police here don’t have the luxury of waiting for backup.

The Tac One training isn’t confined to Saratoga. Chief Morris said agencies from across the county will be involved with the tactical instruction.

Mayor Chuck Davis and the other council members agreed to pay Tac One Consulting $1050 to train the town’s one part-time and four full-time police officers.

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