March 14, 2023 |

Photo – Dog – Courtesy Samantha Davi

The Medicine Bow Marshal doesn’t see himself as a dog catcher. He has no plans to become one, either. To drive home the point, Marshal Roger Hawks is increasing the penalties for “at large” dogs.

Medicine Bow residents will want to keep a better eye on their canine companions. Marshal Hawks said he is raising the “dog at large” fine. He said having a larger monetary penalty will make people keep better track of their pets.

The Marshall said he is spending too much time chasing escaped dogs. Hawks said the fine, for a first-offense, will triple under his new rule. He said after the third strike, the owner will forfeit their animal.

Marshal Hawks said he responds to a handful of dog calls every month. He said the loose animals can be dangerous and must be caught no matter how long it takes.

Hawks said the number of roaming dogs is a tiny percentage of the total amount of animals in town. He said most dog owners keep their pets in check.

Marshal Hawks said he modeled his new fine structure after Encampment’s ordinance. He said Encampment Police Chief Kevin Shue told him his dog catching days came to an end after instituting the higher fees.

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