August 5, 2022 |

There’s a new twist with an old face to the U.S. House race in Wyoming. Dick Cheney is campaigning for his daughter. Wearing a white Stetson Open Road hat and surrounded by aspen trees in an outdoor location, Cheney says Donald Trump is a bigger threat to the United States than Osama Bin Laden or Adolph Hitler ever was.

The elder Cheney says Trump lied about election fraud during the 2020 presidential election. His daughter has joined Democrats in Congress to use series of hearings to accuse Trump of orchestrating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol in an illegal attempt to overturn the election. However, the committee itself has been accused of lying to the American people by manipulating video depositions, omitting exculpatory evidence, falsifying timelines and stacking the committee with Trump haters to create a unified narrative of Trump’s guilt. The former president has not been allowed to offer a defense at the hearings to counter the committee’s accusations.

The elder Cheney himself has been accused of lying. Chief among his accusers was Trump, who in a 2016 presidential debate, said the Bush-Cheney administration lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify the 2003 invasion of the country.

Trump went onto beat Jeb Bush, ex-President George W. Bush’s brother in the primary. He then won the White House in the General Election against Hillary Clinton, who also advocated for the war in Iraq.

The vendetta between Trump and the Bush-Cheney neo-con portion of the Republican Party in cahoots with Clinton Democrats is bitter and long-standing. The U.S. House race in Wyoming is the newest battleground.

Tim Murtaugh, a political advisor to the Harriett Hageman campaign told USA Today that the ad featuring the former VP reinforces why Wyoming Republicans are fed up with Cheney. She’s using Wyoming’s lone congressional seat to wage “a personal war with Donald Trump.” The ad’s real target audience, Murtaugh said, is rich establishment donors to her 2024 presidential election.

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