Funding restored to Rawlins nonprofits

Photo: Bigfoot 99/Cali O’Hare.

In Rawlins, City Council on Tuesday reinstated funding to nine nonprofit organizations it had terminated because of allegations the agencies had not complied with financial reporting. The complaints turned out to be untrue. Agency directors had worried that negative comments made by city officials would hurt their organizations. Instead, the nonprofits were met with support. Cali O’Hare has the latest.



Saratoga lagoon project nearing completion

In Saratoga, with work almost completed on the Lagoon Improvements, the engineer for the project provided the Water and Sewer board with details on the project. Emma Diercks reports.



Photo: Bigfoot 99/Cali O’Hare.

Sink hole found on Rawlins street

Rawlins motorists are advised to use caution when traveling on West Elm Street in front of the hospital, as a sink hole was discovered Wednesday. Cali O’Hare has more.



Christensen campaigns in Saratoga

Leland Christensen, campaigning for the job of state treasurer in Saratoga Thursday, said Wyoming can reduce its deficit without raising taxes or cutting spending.

Photo: Facebook/Leland Christensen for Wyoming.

Investment returns have kept the state afloat since 2009 when tax revenues from coal, gas and oil declined sharply. During a visit to the Bigfoot 99 studios yesterday, the Republication state senator from Alta said changing the treasury office’s investment strategy could boost those returns by $300 million every year. Better returns are possible, Christensen said, by taking advantage of a recent change to the state constitution. In 2016, voters approved an amendment that allows the state to put more of its savings into stocks rather than bonds. Wyoming has about $20 billion invested in various accounts. About $6 billion are in bonds. Leland said up to 70 percent of the bond portfolio could be put into stocks.

State expenditures have outpaced revenues by $300 million a year for the past four years. Lawmakers have covered the red ink by burrowing into the legislature’s savings account, known as the Rainy Day Fund. Improving investment returns could at least slow down how much the state needs to borrow until other revenues pick up, Christensen said.

Christensen has represented Wyoming Senate District 17 in northwest Wyoming since 2011. Both current state treasurer Mark Gordon and former U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis, who also served as treasurer, encouraged Christensen to run for the post. Christensen faces two challengers in the primary – fellow state senator Curt Meir of La Grange and Ron Redo of Cheyenne. The primary election is August 21st.


Emergency training at Turpin Reservoir Sunday

If you’re recreating near Turpin Reservoir Sunday morning, don’t be alarmed when Wyoming Game and Fish and county first responders arrive on the scene as they hold an emergency exercise. The scenario for the drill is a predator attack. Emma Diercks has more.



Sports: Cowboys leaning on veteran TEs

The Wyoming football team will look towards a veteran tight end group to help in both the run and passing game for the upcoming season. Joey Savarine has the story.


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