August 18, 2020 |

In a social media post Monday night, John Zeiger announced he is resigning as mayor of Saratoga.

Zeiger made the announcement on Facebook after days of posting enigmatic messages about a big decision having been made.

Citing family reasons, the birth of his first grandson, Zeiger stated, “I have decided to resign my position of Mayor immediately.”

He made no mention of the controversies that have dogged his third term as mayor, including questions about how the town’s finances are handled.

At last week’s town council meeting, Zeiger nominated councilman Bob Keel to serve as mayor-pro tem.

The motion passed unanimously. Zeiger was absent from Thursday’s budget workshop.

After today’s Primary Election, the complexion of the council will change dramatically, so likely will be its direction in exerting more control over how business is conducted at town hall.

Pictured above: Former Mayor of Saratoga John Zeiger. Photo courtesy of LEPCC/Facebook.

Screenshot of Zeiger’s resignation posted on Facebook Monday night.
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