February 7, 2024 |

Photo – Wyoming Congresswoman Harriet Hageman – Bigfoot99 file photo

Also in Washington Tuesday, a Republican-led push to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas failed narrowly.

The final vote was 214 for-216 against. Four Republicans defected and joined all Democrats present in opposing the measure.

Republicans accused Mr. Mayorkas of refusing to uphold the law and breaching the public trust by willingly failing to prevent a surge of migrants over the U.S. border with Mexico.

Republicans, who hold a narrow House majority, could only afford to lose the support of two members for the impeachment to pass. Representative Blake Moore of Utah — flipped his “Aye” to a “No” to preserve the ability to bring the vote back up vote for the House to reconsider another time.

Three liberal Republicans — Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher and California Rep. Tom McClintock — joined the Democrats in voting against the resolution to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Wyoming Congresswoman Harriet Hageman was a “Yes” vote on impeaching Mayorkas.

In a statement following the vote, Hageman said Mayorkas has failed in his duties. The Wyoming house member stated in writing, “The Secretary has overseen an invasion across our borders, allowing a massive influx of fentanyl and other drugs, human trafficking controlled by the cartels, and a total of over 8.3 million illegal entries to date. He has lied to Congress, and dismantled successful border policy that has led to the crisis we have today.”

Not since 1876 has a Cabinet secretary faced impeachment charges and it’s the first time a sitting secretary faced impeachment — 148 years ago, Secretary of War William Belknap resigned just before the vote.

Republicans hope to take up the impeachment a second time when Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who is battling cancer and was not present, returns.

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