February 7, 2024 |

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Wyoming Senator John Barrasso announced Tuesday that he is a “No” vote on the pro-migration border bill unveiled on Sunday. The Cowboy State’s senior senator said that the legislation “does not meet most Americans’ standard of securing our border now.”

Sen. Barrasso concluded that the crisis is one of President Joe Biden’s making and that Americans will use the 2024 presidential election to end the crisis on the border.

“For three years President Joe Biden and Senate Democrats fought against every attempt to protect Americans from the crisis at our Southern Border,” Barrasso said in a statement, adding that the results of their negligence at the border have been both “predictable and deadly.”

The Wyoming senator said that the result of the Democrat’s open border policy has been 8.8 million illegal border crossings. “Joe Biden’s surrender to cartels, drug dealers and criminals has made every American less safe,” Barrasso said in his statement.

Some estimates put the number of illegal border crossers above 10 million during Biden’s time as Commander-in-Chief.

Barrasso’s statement follows many other Republican senators expressing opposition to the border bill, including but not limited to Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR), Rand Paul (R-KY), Mike Lee (R-UT), J.D. Vance (R-OH), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), and Steve Daines (R-MT).

Meanwhile, the president begged congress to pass the bill to solve a crisis that he created.

On Tuesday, the president blamed his challenger in this year’s election, Donald Trump, for the failure of Congress to pass the $118 billion-dollar bill that would allot $20 billion for border security but $60 billion for Ukraine.

The president stood in the White House Tuesday and blamed the record levels of illegal immigrants streaming through the border during his three last three years in the White House, not on his own defective policies and lack of law enforcement, but on Trump.

The bill itself is feckless, and only gives the administration the ability to expel illegal immigrants if an average threshold of border crossers is reached. Smugglers likely would throttle the flow to stay just below the minimum threshold.

In truth, the bill is not designed to curb illegal immigration. The real intent is to remove criminality. It’s engineered to expand overall immigration to the United States by codifying President Biden’s parole pipeline that has freed hundreds of thousands of border crossers into the nation’s interior.

In his three years in office, Biden has driven the nation’s foreign-born population to nearly 50 million — the largest ever in American history.

Meanwhile, Trump posted on Truth Social yesterday that “Only a fool, or a Radical Left Democrat, would vote for this horrendous Border Bill, which only gives Shutdown Authority after 5,000 Encounters a day, when we already have the right to CLOSE THE BORDER NOW, which must be done.”

Senator Barrasso concluded his statement yesterday saying, “President Biden and Senator Shumer will never accept the significant changes for American safety and border security. Joe Biden will never enforce any new law and refuses to use the tools he already has to end this crisis.”

The senator said the bill standard needed to secure the border and stop the Democrat-created flood of illegals.

Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the primary driver behind the legislation, plans to bring the Senate border bill to the floor on Wednesday, but Republicans are poised to block it.

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