February 5, 2024 |

Photo – Rawlins Family Recreation Center – Bigfoot99 file photo

Users of the Rawlins Family Recreation Center should expect to pay more to use the facility in the future.

Every year, Rawlins officials must examine the fees charged for city-provided utilities and services. The city must ensure the prices are keeping up with the actual cost of providing those services.

On January 30th, the Rawlins city council held a special work session to determine if changes to the city’s rates and fees are needed. The first topic of discussion was the Rawlins Family Recreation Center.

City Manager Tom Sarvey said over the past five years, the rec center generated roughly 13% less revenue.

While revenue has decreased over the last five years, Sarvey said expenses have grown. The city manager said salaries and supply costs have increased by around $250,000. Sarvey said the city must contribute more and more money to the rec center to ensure it can pay its bills.

Sarvey said the rec center only covers 17% of its expenses with membership and activity fees. The city manager said the rec center would need to increase membership fees by 60% to break even. However, Sarvey said a rate hike of that magnitude is not being considered.

Instead, Sarvey recommended raising the single membership fee from $45 to $54 and the daily use fee from $6 to $7.50. The city manager said the increased rates will supplement the cost to run the recreation center.

The Rawlins Family Recreation Center offers a multi-purpose room for rent. Sarvey said he would like to set the room rental fee to a flat rate of $75.

Sarvey said the Kids Korral daycare fees won’t be raised.

The decision now goes to the city council, which will decide whether to implement Sarvey’s recommendation for the rate increase.

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