Today’s Headlines:

  • The Board of Carbon County Commissioners and the fair board are working together to repair the strained relationship stemming from miscommunication between the two bodies. After a meeting between the two entities in mid-December, the commissioners feel they’re finally on the right track and are looking toward a positive working relationship.
  • In the Platte Valley, Saratoga Elementary has many programs in place to help the school reach its goal of exceeding state expectations. Principal Darrin Jennings presented to the Carbon County School District #2 board how he plans to reach that objective.
  • The Battle Pass Scenic Byway, which is also known as Highway 70, has closed for the season.
  • As part of the development of a new strategic plan for the future of Wyoming’s wildlife, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is seeking public input from residents and non-residents alike. A dedicated online forum has been set up allowing anyone to provide the department with feedback on issues they deem important.
  • With a table regarding many application processes, the Saratoga Planning Commission continues to work through fees for different permits obtained through Town Hall.
  • It was a great weekend to be a Wyoming Cowboy fan as the Pokes roped Central Michigan.


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