September 27, 2022 |

Bears love food. It’s the recurring theme of Yogi Bear cartoons.

It’s also a pro-tip from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department this week. The state wildlife agency reminds hunters and anyone recreating outdoors this fall to be “bear aware.”

Average bears don’t just sleep until noon. They love food so much that they’ll set up daybed near a food source. Eat. Nap. Eat some more. Bears will actively defend their food, even if you shot it. If a bear has claimed your carcass, Game and Fish advises your best course of action is leaving the scene and report the incident to a game warden. Do not attempt to scare the bear away.

Hunters are also reminded to make noise when retrieving game. Even if you’re out hiking and enjoying the fall colors, watch for bear activity and signs, such as scat, tracks and digging.

Other useful information about sharing the Wyoming outdoors with bears are posted on the Wyoming Game and Fish website.

Photo courtesy of WGFD.

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