Today’s Headlines:

  • In Saratoga, with snow and icy temperatures expected, the plumbing system that heats the downtown sidewalks on the north side of Bridge Street has failed at the wrong time. The grid of pipes just below ground level has sprouted leaks and the town turned off the system.
  • At the legislature, a bill creating a new funding model and community approach to preventative health services was unveiled Thursday. HB155 creates a grant program with a two-million dollar appropriation from the general fund for drug and alcohol abuse, as well as, suicide prevention.
  • In an update, having received the go-ahead from the City Council last week, the Rawlins Police Department will submit a grant request in the amount of $100,000 for mobile radio equipment.
  • The post season basketball seeding will be set after the weekend. The Rawlins swim team is at state, and the county’s wrestlers are at their respective regional meets.


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