October 7, 2021 |

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon saw the problems at the U.S. border with Mexico firsthand yesterday. Gordon was one of ten governors who visited Mission, Texas at the request of Governor Gregg Abbot to see the impacts caused by the Biden Administration’s refusal to secure the border against illegal immigration.

Before he left, Governor Gordon said our nation deserves a secure border, and “It’s clear that this crisis is not getting the appropriate attention from the Biden Administration.”

During a news conference where he was flanked by the visiting governors, Texas Governor Abbot thanked them for doing what the White House has not done.

Pictured above: File photo of U.S.-Mexican border.

In July, Wyoming offered military air support valued up to $250,000 to support Texas and Arizona in their efforts to the secure their borders from the invasion-level number of illegals streaming into the country.

Last month, Governor Gordon joined 25 other governors in signing a letter to the president requesting a meeting. The White House has yet to schedule a meeting or even acknowledge the request, Governor Abbot said yesterday.


Along with the governor of Wyoming, the governors of Arizona, Idaho, South Dakota, Montana, Iowa, Georgia, Nebraska, Ohio and Oklahoma made the trek to the border. All are Republicans.

One of the speakers yesterday, Brandon Judd, president of the Border Patrol Council, thanked the governors for taking the time to witness the impacts of the crisis first-hand. Brandon also said more governors need to see what’s happening, including Democrats.


The governors yesterday laid out a 10-point plan for reversing Biden’s border policy and stopping the migrant surge. At the top of the list is continuing Title 42 expulsions that allowed for immediate return of illegals to Mexico or their country of origin.

During the visit, Governor Gordon joined his fellow governors and Texas Department of Public Safety agents for a boat tour of the Rio Grande River, which forms part of the border between the two countries.


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