May 24, 2023 |

Photo – SCWEMS Ambulances – Bigfoot99 file photo

SCWEMS is looking to increase funding and its volunteer EMT roster.

Last Saturday, to boost community awareness and increase public interest, South Central Wyoming EMS hosted an open house at its Encampment ambulance station. SCWEMS Director Stayton Mosbey said he is pleased with how the event went, despite not receiving as much attention from potential recruits as he hoped.

As reported by Bigfoot99 last November, SCWEMS offered two fully paid EMT training opportunities to Carbon County residents. Speaking to the Board of Carbon County Commissioners during their May 16th meeting, Mosbey said his organization funded two volunteers, but SCWEMS still needs people from other parts of the county. The SCWEMS director said he wants to create an additional two EMT training opportunities in the coming fiscal year.

Mosbey said SCWEMS will prioritize volunteers from Hanna, Medicine Bow, Elk Mountain, and Encampment for the EMT training.

EMT volunteers would undergo online training via North American Rescue. Mosbey said participants can finish the training anytime within a year of starting.

The EMT classes cost about $1,900 a person. In exchange for paying for the training, Mosbey said people are expected to volunteer with SCWEMS for one year. The SCWEMS director said the newly certified EMT’s would get paid for each call they responded to.

During May 16th‘s commissioners meeting, Mosbey said SCWEMS was increasing its fees beginning in the new fiscal year. SCWEMS charges each town in the county a set amount per person. Mosbey said his organization was still using population data from the 2010 census.

The SCWEMS director said starting in July, the ambulance service will begin using data from the most recent count. Mosbey said SCWEMS will also increase the amount of money they charge towns by $4 per person.

Each resident costs their town $34. Saratoga saw the largest cost increase because its population grew the most since 2010. Under the new pricing, Carbon County itself will pay an additional $730 per year. Mosbey said the increased fee will more closely match the actual operational costs of SCWEMS.

In addition to volunteers, SCWEMS also requires new ambulances. Mechanical issues have temporarily grounded much of the fleet. Speaking to the Board of Carbon County Commissioners on May 16th, SCWEMS board member Irene Archibald said they have the money to pay for the ambulances, but they won’t receive new vehicles for several years.

SCWEMS is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in joining the SCWEMS team, call director Stayton Mosbey at 307-710-7559. The two EMT training scholarships haven’t been announced yet, but should be available sometime this summer.

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